Radiography Film Digitization

September 7, 2019by adminaitc20190

At AIT, We are continually introducing value-added services to our NDT services. One such services, is our digitizing capability. We have constructed a special digitizing/film-reading room to accommodate the digital processing of large quantities of radiography film.

These electronic records satisfy all the legal local rules and international standards. The longevity of the NDE data life ensures that all the information becomes a part of the product life cycle of that entity.

The Benefits Of Film Digitization

Digital files have several benefits including extended life, easy access and convenient transfer.

Analog images converted to digital are no longer subject to environmental conditions and deterioration of the image itself. Once converted, the need for climate controlled storage is diminished, while improving data archiving through ease of access and transferability.


  • Rapid visibility & reports – save time, money, personnel
  • Data integrity – permanent accuracy for auditing
  • Digital images – enhanced inspection/evaluation
  • Digital artifacts – never lose image quality
  • Digital archive – forever available for primary/disaster recovery
  • Faster, easier – evaluations & decisions
  • Eliminate image preservation cost – save existing/future costs
  • Data Share 24/7 any time any where in the world.
  • Online information at different PCs in different parts of world
  • Eliminates ageing of films, retaining image quality
  • Physical archive storage to computer data cabinets
  • Full traceability is integral to the system, with tamper-proof designing at each stage
  • Deliverables are electronic data media with 25-50 years of data life.


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