AIT has been actively involved in carrying out various projects related to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Process, Marine, Cement and Power sector. A very competent project management team with a motivated and technically superior workforce has helped AIT to carry out many projects to the stringent quality requirement and within a narrow deadline set by the client.

  • What We Do
  • Areas of assistance
  • Vendor Surveillance

Highly professional management team of AIT with extensive experience comes as an advantage to the client as this professionalism is disseminated throughout the workforce. The competitiveness and versatility of AIT Management team builds confidence in our clients and makes us a one stop solution provider for diverse sectors.

AIT project management services integrate the activities of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction functions to meet client’s expectations and requirements.

  • Projects Review and Control
  • Civil Construction
  • Project Quality Management
  • Supervision and On-site Inspections
  • Technical Assistance

An experienced Engineers and specialist will be seconded on projects to work with the owners Technical Team and/or Management.  These include Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineers and Technicians, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Managers and Supervisor, as the project requires.  Where AiT capabilities did not cover the work scope, we will have personnel and equipment seconded from companies with whom we have exchange programmes in collaboration with affiliates abroad.

Key areas of assistance

  1. Planning activity and Resources.
  2. Organizing and Motivating a project team.
  3. Time management control.
  4. Cost estimating and developing the budget.
  5. Ensuring customer satisfaction.
  6. Analyzing and managing project risk.
  7. Progress monitoring.
  8. Managing reports and necessary document.

The ability of any company, vendor or supplier to deliver goods and services is dependent on competence, experience in that particular field, and their interest or generated capabilities.One of the keys to confirming the ability of potential suppliers or vendors is through their Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) plans. Therefore effective vendor surveillance will embrace a mix of the following steps:

Review of Suppliers QA/QC plans

This will reveal the effectiveness or otherwise of the management organization-strengths and capabilities – with respect to the particular project. The quality Management of the company will also be examined to determine resources, manpower, equipment, finances, internal control and or procedure availability.

Vendor Audit and Evaluations

AiT can Audit the vendors prior, or whilst the project is in progress, to report back to the owner, the reliability or otherwise of the vendors. The Audit and evaluation would cover the entire operations of the organization or specific areas as may be relevant to the project or of particular interest to the owners.



AIT provides expert advisement on a broad range of welding codes and standards and can help to develop welder/procedure qualification testing programs as well as weld procedures. This includes advisement on weld process selection and optimization and specification development.



We are positioned to respond to our clients call with ease and clarity.


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