Radiographic Testing

September 7, 2019by adminaitc20190

Radiography is one of the modern Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods. It is a kind of ‘Volumetric test’ used to detect manufacturing fetal flaws inside the material volume/thickness.

Radiography works on principle to create density variation (grayscale) on photo sensitive material (X-ray film) by exposing them using short wavelength electromagnetic radiation (Gamma/X-rays).

Such electromagnetic radiation in form of Gamma/X-ray is capable to penetrate and pass through solid material like metals. This process produces an image of the penetrated object or material on the X-ray film.

Radiography is a well-established technique, which gives a permanent record and is widely used to detect internal flaws in weldments and castings.

Wide range of thickness is covered using variety of radiation sources like X-ray, Ir-192, Co-60, Se-75, Linear particle accelerators and Betatron.

Due to its harmful effects of ionizing radiation on living-organism, X-ray/Gamma Source should be handled under strict safety procedure and supervision of qualified personnel.

We at AIT strictly follow safety procedures while working with radiation sources. Also, AIT has safe industrial radiography Enclosures and safety equipments approved by BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center).

Career path
Adding expertise by achieving additional methods/techniques certification improves your job opportunities and options and often leads you down a more fulfilling and exciting career path.


  1. Technique is not limited by material type or density.
  2. Any intricate geometry can be inspected.
  3. Can inspect assembled components.
  4. Minimum surface preparation required.
  5. Sensitive to changes in thickness, corrosion, voids, cracks, and material density changes.
  6. Provides a permanent record of the inspection.


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