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Engineering Inspection embraces many disciplines including weld design, material processing and metallurgy, fabrication andquality control.

AIT Welding and InspectionEngineers have a wide knowledge of all these disciplines with diverse experience ranging frompressure vessel, boiler and heavy structural steelwork to pipelinefabrication/installation. This is backed up by experience in dealing with welding issues with a wide range of processes and materials.

AIT is the first NDT & Engineering Inspection Company in Nigeria to achieve the feat of having two (2) International Welding Engineers (IWE) and One Certified International Welding Engineer (CIWE) in her employ.

These Welding Engineers are readily available to service your needs, particularly in the area of welding consultancy and Coordination, Project Management, welding procedure qualification and certification in line with ISO15607-15614, ISO 14731, ISO 3834 and ASME Section IX.

Our independent judgment and experience can often save our clients time and money, particularly where very complex welding and Fabrication issues are to be addressed.


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