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A welding arc is often referred to as a dynamic Load, which simply means it is a changing load.

Therefore, it is strongly advised not to calibrate a welding machine while welding. As a result, the use of a resistive (constant) load, such as a load bank is mandatory.

With the acquisition of the latest version of high capacity load bank calibrator 1000i AC/DC and other equipment such as Taco meter, New Fluke 62 MAX Infrared thermometer etc., AIT conveniently offers calibration services for welding equipment and welding electrode ovens with or without temperature controls. Our procedures meet the requirements of ISO 17662: 2005, AWS D1.1-04, PARA 5.11; AWS QC 4-89 and similar specifications requiring verification of equipment accuracy.

Advanced Inspection & Testing Co. Ltd. provides two forms of calibration documentation namely:

  1.   A data report detailing all pertinent information about the unit and / or rod oven to be kept on file.
  2.   A calibration label to be attached to the welding unit and/ or rod oven attesting to its meter calibration.

Calibration must be done at six monthly intervals and after any major maintenance has been performed. In some cases, however, in accordance with AWS D1.5, calibration is required every 3 months. The duration between calibrationdepends on the code requirements.

Calibration ensures that your welding machine is operating within the parameters of your welding procedure. If an uncalibrated machine is used for welding and the fabricated piece fails in service, the company responsible for the welding and for not calibrating their machines could be subject to investigation and potential monetary loss.

By utilizing AIT qualified professional to calibrate your welding equipment, your company can save time and money.

Call AIT to arrange for calibration of your welding equipment and rod flux/electrode ovens on 08033418041 or email, or


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